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14 Best Rare Logo Mockups – Free and Premium


Mockups have become a necessity in any design project, helping designers create realistic and professional presentations of their work. But it’s still quite usual that you can’t find a proper mockup for an unusual product or domain, therefore this post. In this article we are putting together a collection of best rare logo mockups for some of the most unique and hard to find items.

All of the rare logo mockups that are included in this collection are made by our team and are available on our website, some for free, some for a few bucks. This way you won’t have to go visit dozens of websites to get them all. Just click the add to cart button for each mockup you want and checkout. After that you will be able to download all of the mockups that you have chose.

Let’s get started with our best rare logo mockups collection.

Free Best Rare Logo Mockups

We’re getting started with a bunch of free logo mockups for rare and unique items. These are free to use for personal and commercial projects and are part of “The Never-Ending Mockups Bundle“, which gets you complete access to our entire mockups collection.

Each of these mockups have a unique and rare trait to them, which is the reason why they made their way on our collection of best rare logo mockups. For example, there are a few beer bottle mockups out there, but our Beer Bottle Free Realistic Logo Mockup as a closeup and realistic environment, is held in hand and it also has a glass embossed effect for the logo artwork.

The Outdoor Signage Mockup on a Greek Style House basically is a logo mockup placed on a house from the Santorini island in Greece. That makes this logo mockup quite rare and unique in our opinion. And the list can go on for each of these mockups, but you get the idea. This applies to the upcoming premium best rare logo mockups as well.

Premium Best Rare Logo Mockups

On to the next chapter, the premium best rare logo mockups collection which will include unique finds that are priced $5 or less. They are professionally created, easy to use and are also part of “The Never-Ending Mockups Bundle“. The purpose of these mockups is to help designers save time, while creating beautiful and professionally looking design presentations for their projects.

Same as for the best free rare mockups, the premium ones are quite unique due to the items where the artwork is placed, the environment they take place, artwork style or a combination of these. At the time we’ve put together this collection of mockups, there weren’t many (if any) similar to these and we’re quite proud of them.

Conclusion For Best Rare Logo Mockups

The conclusion is that, even though you can find a wide variety and unlimited numbers of mockups out there, you can still come across some lapses in the market. What we’ve done with this collection is to fill in a few of those lapses and offer creatives unique and rare ways to present their projects. 

Mockups are meant to save time in the workflow of a designer. With the overwhelming number of tasks we – as designers and creatives – have to deal with on a daily basis, it great to find resources that can give us shortcuts and save us time.

It’s not like every designer can’t create their own mockups. But that’s a time consuming task, so having a ready made mockup to apply your own design on, sounds like a good resource to us. 

In the end, hopefully you’ve found this rare logo mockups set useful and worth browsing through it. Don’t forget that all of these mockups – and more – are available in our Never-Ending Mockups Bundle, which we’ve included here. You get access to future updates. Its price increases with every update, meaning that now is the best deal that you will get for it!

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