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Stylish Fonts Bundle – Review

Every designer and their mums will tell you, picking the best fonts for your designs is not your usual cup of tea. You will have to contend with thousands and thousands of pages scanning through numerous fonts to find the most ideal one for your design project. Whether you...

How to identify a font in Photoshop and online

We all go through the frustration of not knowing the name of the fonts used in some designs, so I thought of writing an article on how to identify a font in Photoshop and online! Here we’re going to talk about what options we have to find the fonts...

5 Best Cheap Font Alternatives to Helvetica Neue

After the success our 10 Best Free Alternatives to Popular Fonts article had, we’ve thought of bringing even more value to our readers by creating a series of best cheap font alternatives to popular fonts. Here we are going to recommend a few font alternatives that are really similar...

10 Best Free Alternatives to Popular Fonts

We all love the looks of some of the most popular fonts, but we may not always afford it. That’s when we move towards cheaper or free font alternatives! Even though there are many free fonts online that might be similar to popular fonts like Helvetica or Gotham, only...

Where can you sell your digital work

This is something that each designer asks or should ask himself at some point in his career! Why? Because, beside the fact that selling your digital work would make you earn some extra money, you would also bring value to the design community. Design resources are a must in...