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17+ Best Free Google Fonts For Websites, Logo Design & Branding

In this article I have put together 17+ best free Google fonts that you can use on websites, but also for logo design and branding projects. That was the main criteria for each typeface that made the list: to be able to use it from logo design and marketing materials,


6 Best Illustrator Tips and Tricks To Work Faster and Better

I have been working with Adobe Illustrator for close to 10 years now, and it hasn’t always been easy. The complexity of the software, with all of it’s tools and the fact that it’s getting more complex with each update, can be quite intimidating. Especially for someone who’s just getting


How to identify a font in Photoshop and online

We all go through the frustration of not knowing the name of the fonts used in some designs, so I thought of writing an article on how to identify a font in Photoshop and online! Here we’re going to talk about what options we have to find the fonts we

Best Cheap Font Alternatives to Helvetica Featured Image

5 Best Cheap Font Alternatives to Helvetica Neue

After the success our 10 Best Free Alternatives to Popular Fonts article had, we’ve thought of bringing even more value to our readers by creating a series of best cheap font alternatives to popular fonts. Here we are going to recommend a few font alternatives that are really similar to


20 Best Script and Handwritten Fonts That Are Free or Really Cheap

By now we’ve only covered fonts from sans serif and serif styles with articles like 10 Best Free Alternatives to Popular Fonts and Free sans-serif fonts to use in your designs. It feels like script and handwritten fonts were a bit neglected, therefore we’re covering those in this article! In the mentioned

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