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Our Top Fonts for Logo Design, Branding & Advertising


Besides mockups, templates and graphics, we also develop fonts. Most likely, one of the fonts we have developed has brought you to our website. One of the oldest and most popular usage of fonts in the digital era is branding and advertising. And in this article we have made a list with fonts for logo design, branding and advertising that we have created and developed so far. These work wonderfully for developing professional and unique logo designs, but also for developing advertising and marketing materials. Some of these fonts can be used as heading and headlines, some for text and some for both.

All of these fonts are developed by our team and are available on our website. Some are free and some are paid, and you can easily use the “Add to cart” button placed under each font’s image to select the ones you’d like to download or buy. Once you’ve added all of the fonts you want, go to checkout to finish your order and get instant access to the fonts.

Let’s get this fonts for logo design, branding and advertising list started!

Cabo Rounded is our most popular paid typeface and is made out of 10 fonts – 5 weights, each with an italic version. These fonts can be used for mostly everything, from logo design to advertising and marketing materials. Thanks to it’s multiple weights, you can use it to create contrast in your design.

Headache is our most popular free font and it comes as a one weight font. It’s an all caps font with two styles for the letters, which are activated by writing uppercase or lowercase letters. This font is perfect for unique and professional logo designs, but can also be used for headings and headlines in marketing and advertising materials.

Brandogram serves both as a typeface but also as a tool for developing professional and balanced monogram designs. It comes in 7 different styles and has up to 24 alternates per letter. Basically each font from this typeface is a collection of over 10 fonts. It covers alternates for styles like: sans serif, slab serif, condensed letters, regular width letters, wide letters and in between widths. These can be combined to obtain crazy good monogram symbols.

Amneziak is an abstract and distinctive typeface that is perfect for abstract logo design and advertising materials. It’s an all caps typeface with different designs for each letter. They are activated by writing lowercase or uppercase letters. It’s also available in 5 styles, one solid and 4 stencil with different stroke weights. You can create incredible eye-catching designs like: posters, flyers, brochures, logos and more.

Cabo Slab is the slab serif version of Cabo Rounded. These work pretty well together and can be used as fonts for logo design, branding and advertising materials. Cabo Slab and Rounded work pretty well for text as well, being easy to read. 

Zappat is a free font that comes with uppercase and condensed letters. It’s a one weight font and can be easily used for logo design and headings in branding & advertising designs.

Coastly is a handwritten font that works great for headings, slogans and quote designs. It’s also a good fit for playful and relaxed logo designs and branding materials. It’s a one weight font but it comes with full english alphabet and all latin accents. This font also includes 10 vector quotes designs that are perfect for printing on t-shirts, mugs, bags and similar items.

Sloppy Hand is another popular free font that our team has built. It can be used for playful and childish designs. Be it posters and flyers, logo designs and other branding materials.

More fonts for logo design & branding

The previously listed items are our most popular, bought and download fonts for logo design, branding and advertising. But we have made more. And below we will list more of fonts that we have developed over time. These are also a great fit for branding and advertising usage.

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