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About Amneziak Free Typeface

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After Headache, comes Amneziak..

Amneziak is a new multi-style display typeface that I have recently developed. Took me less than a lunch break to develop the first style – the Regular uppercase letters – therefore I wanted to share it with you, as a freebie. After developing that first style, I worked a bit more on it and managed to make it in 5 weights (one full bodied style and four lined) and it two styles (activated by writing with uppercase or lowercase letters).

What are the differences between the two styles?

The uppercase activated style is based on straight angles to define letters, while lowercase activated style has round shapes to do the same thing.

Quick fact about this font: I started by creating a rectangle with a 1:1,618 ratio (the golden ratio) on which I have based mostly all letters (except for M, W and I). You can try that as well.

PS: I have used Fontself to convert the shapes into an actual font, directly from Illustrator. Fontself is an Illustrator addon that you can use to create fonts without leaving Illustrator and without having to learn a new software. You can buy it from here!

The Amneziak Typeface comes with a 100% free licence, which you can use for both personal and commercial use!

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