Today I want to show you my last creation, a slab serif font family called “Cabo Slab“. The full family comes with 14 fonts, available in 7 weights, with regular and italic styles. Cabo Slab falls in the slab serif style, which is a combination between sans serif and serif fonts. It comes with basic English alphabet letters, a couple of accents and basic punctuation marks.

Thanks to its soft and stylish look, Cabo Slab works great with almost every type of design, from branding to packaging, advertising and marketing. It’s a team player, fitting perfectly in the same design with fonts from other styles, working together to create a balanced design.

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We also offer two free font samples, Regular and Italic styles, available for download below. The samples come with a free for personal use license. If you would like to use the fonts in commercial work, you must buy the full font family!

Font Details

File Types: OTF
Free Weights:
 Regular and Italic
File Size: 57 KB
Free Fonts License: Personal Use

[emaillocker id=284] [/emaillocker]

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