3 Free A4 Paper Mock-Ups

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Presented in an office environment, these 3 mock-ups are here to help you showcase your A4 paper designs in a stylish and natural way. The elements surrounding the paper presentation are slightly blurred in order to set the attention on your own design without being too distracted by what’s around it, but still being aware that it’s there. Layered, but not fully editable (fixed elements), high resolution and extremely easy to use.

Details and Specification

Format: PSD
Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS4+
Resolution: 300 DPI
Dimensions: 3000×4000 (px) & 4000×3000 (px)
File Size: 159.48 Mb

[emaillocker id=284] [/emaillocker]

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22 Responses

      1. Hi Bogdan, same issue. Tried on several computers with different browsers. The file won’t complete, and if it complete, the file is damaged. I tried to repair it with zip repair software, it uncompressed 2 psd files but the files won’t open in Photoshop. A software calle psd repair can repair it but it’s not free … Tks for your answer.

          1. i’ll try tomorrow with the office network, i’m currently at home trying to finish my french Speech Therapist Magazine. This ressource is exactly what i needed (search for hours the correct mockup) meanwhile is it possible to access it by another link ?

          1. Hi Bogdan, you were right, home network problem. The office’s one did download the zip without any issue. Thanks again for your time, … and of course for this great ressource 😉

  1. That’s strange. It seems to be working just fine from my end. Could it be your internet connection or something on your end?

    1. Hey Jonathan,

      You didn’t get any email because it seems like you’ve already subscribed a while ago, at least with the email address from which you’ve left your comment. And because you’re already subscribed, all you have to do is enter your email address and you’ll get instant access to the resources. No need for you to confirm it again.

      Let me know if that worked for you!


    1. Hi Paulinho,

      We’ve seen this happen before, and it turned out to be the user’s internet connection at fault.

      You can try from a different connection (from home if you’ve tried at the office, or vice versa) and see if it works. Preferably the connection is a fast one. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us and we’ll find a way to send you the mockups!

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