Share our products and make money!

Sharing our products can bring you up to 30% commission of each sale you refer! Products can be promoted on your website or blog, on design related social media pages, to your friends and so on.

Affiliate Commissions

Our affiliate commissions are 15% to 30%, based on sales performance. It all starts with 15% commission from the first sale. On your 10th sale your commission will already go up to 20%.

Commissions will never reset, meaning that once you reach the 30% milestone, you won’t go back to smaller commission rates!

Have a look at the following table to find out more about the commissions milestones.


You start with a commission of 15% from the first sale you make up to the 9th.


From your 10th sale up to your 24th, you will earn a commission of 20% per sale.


Starting with your 25th sale until your 49th, your commission will be 25% per sale.


Starting with your 50th sale you will reach a commission of 30%, the last milestone!