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Cabo Rounded Typeface


Cabo Rounded is a sans serif typeface with rounded edges and a soft style and it comes in 5 weights and 10 styles: thin, light, regular, medium and bold each with an italic version. It comes with basic English alphabet letters, numbers, punctuation marks and a bunch of accents.

The 10 styles:

  1. Cabo Rounded Thin
  2. Cabo Rounded Thin Italic
  3. Cabo Rounded Light
  4. Cabo Rounded Light Italic
  5. Cabo Rounded Regular
  6. Cabo Rounded Italic
  7. Cabo Rounded Medium
  8. Cabo Rounded Medium Italic
  9. Cabo Rounded Bold
  10. Cabo Rounded Bold Italic


It all began last year, when I was redesigning my personal logo. Back in 2013 I think, I designed the first logo for my designer profile – cabo – using as a base the font Helvetica. I was pleased with it, but last year it was time for an upgrade! Therefore I started playing around with shapes and strokes in Illustrator, in order to recreate my new identity, without getting too far from the original.

While working on creating characters for it, I realized that the style I was starting to create it might actually make a great font. So I started working on the rest of the letters! Within hours, the first drafts were ready! I was really happy with what I managed to create, so I started looking for a way to turn it into an actual font!

Big was my dissapointment when I found that all of the tools to do so were expensive, so I chose to postpone the project for a while.

A couple of months ago, Fontself was released! Fontself is an Illustrator addon that gives you the possibility to create your own font with just a couple of clicks! After I managed to buy it, I started working on this new project – cabo rounded – and managed to create it in 5 weights: thin, light, regular, medium and bold!

Each weight comes with an italic version of it!

# FREE Updates – ask for any updates you might want to see to it


Cabo Slab Typeface


Meet Cabo Slab, a 14 fonts typefaces that come in a soft and elegant style, with rounded edges and 7 weights.

It works great for logo design, branding, marketing and advertising, print design and other fields you might find use for it!