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Quotes Designs to Print on Stuff Bundle

$35.00 $15.00

We have made a few quotes crafts designs just because they’re fun and we like them. These can be printed on stuff like t-shirts, mugs, cards and invitations, pillows and what not. You can even frame them, as you can see in one of our previews.

This small bundle is made out of 7 quotes, which you can also get them separately. But by buying this bundle, you get them all for a fraction of the cost! These are the quotes:

  1. Be My Valentine Craft Design
  2. For The Love of Coffee Quote Design
  3. Independence is Happiness Quote Craft
  4. Monday Quote Design Craft
  5. Quote for Black Coffee Lovers Craft
  6. We’re All Just Travelers Quote Design
  7. What’s Hard Gets Easier Quote Design Craft


We’re All Just Travelers Quote Design


Getting a little deep on this one, but is as true as they come.

We’re all just travelers through our own lives, so we must make the best out of our journey. Live, dream, give, enjoy and love are just some of the pleasures of it. Get inspired by printing this on your tshirt, frame it or write in on your wall!


What’s Hard Gets Easier Quote Design Craft


Just deep messages to print on stuff!

But it is true: what’s hard gets easier, but with practice. So if you want to do something, but feel like it’s really hard in the beginning, just keep doing it. It will get easier in time!