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Jeans and Pants Label Mockups Bundle

$54.00 $28.00

Create stunning and realistic presentations for your next fashion/apparel related project by using any of these jeans and pants label mockups. They come in a variety of colors and materials, printed, engraved and embroidered, fitting mostly any project!

This bundle includes 7 jeans and pants label mockups, where you can easily place your logo or text. These are the included mockups:

  1. Yellow Jeans Blue Canvas Label Mockup
  2. Realistic Embroidered Canvas Label Mockup
  3. Printed Beige Paper Label Mockup on Blue Jeans
  4. Engraved Dark Brown Leather Label Mockup
  5. Engraved Brown Leather Label on Blue Jeans
  6. Beige Paper Label Mockup on Yellow Jeans
  7. Grey Jeans with Grey Leather Label Mockup