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17 Coffee Stain Marks Vector Pack


I’m a huge coffee lover, and I’ve probably spilled as much as I’ve drank (exaggeration*). Like that I found that spilled coffee or the coffee marks a cup leaves, make beautiful works of art. Each one is unique and it has its own beauty.


For The Love of Coffee Quote Design


…or In Coffee We Trust

Who doesn’t love coffee? Don’t trust them! Just kidding. But for the coffee lovers out there, here’s an awesome craft that you can print on you t-shirt, frame it for your office our print it big on your living room wall. Your choice!

Let the coffee force guide you!


Quote for Black Coffee Lovers Craft


That’s for all the coffee lovers out there, who just won’t start their day without a coffee.

Use this on a shirt for you, as a present for someone who’s not himself or herself without a strong black coffee or just print it on your pillow.

May the #coffee force be with you!



Quotes Designs to Print on Stuff Bundle

$35.00 $15.00

We have made a few quotes crafts designs just because they’re fun and we like them. These can be printed on stuff like t-shirts, mugs, cards and invitations, pillows and what not. You can even frame them, as you can see in one of our previews.

This small bundle is made out of 7 quotes, which you can also get them separately. But by buying this bundle, you get them all for a fraction of the cost! These are the quotes:

  1. Be My Valentine Craft Design
  2. For The Love of Coffee Quote Design
  3. Independence is Happiness Quote Craft
  4. Monday Quote Design Craft
  5. Quote for Black Coffee Lovers Craft
  6. We’re All Just Travelers Quote Design
  7. What’s Hard Gets Easier Quote Design Craft