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Designer, meet “Atzur Pro” – a semi serif typefamily that comes in 10 styles. Having an elegant and distinctive base style, Atzur does a great job filling design projects from fashion, cosmetics and all fileds that request a more sophisticated identity. It works great with logos, packaging designs, headings and it can be combined it many types and styles, some of ideas being presented to us on its original presentation. The font was designed by Oscar Cobo, a graphic designer and typographer from Barcelona, Spain.

The typefamily comes in 5 weights: Extra Light, Light, Regular, Bold and Extra Bold, each having also an italic style.

One of the great parts is that the whole font family is available to be bought with ONLY $7, and you can even take the Regular style for a test drive, if you’re not yet convinced if you want it or not. Below you can find a link towards the Behance presentation of the font where you’ll be able to see all of the styles, characters and glyphs available. On that same presentation you will find links toward the free font and the whole typefamily.

Thank you Oscar Cobo for sharing you work with us!

More Details

Price: Free (regular style) and $7 (full typefamily)
File Type: OTF
Size: 24.2 KB (regular style) and 254 KB (full typefamily)

Download or buy this font

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