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Published in "zippy pixels"

Here we have another scene creator mockup, based on 16 elements that you can move around the mockup and place them in any order you want, until you reach the presentation you need. It has a more classical style, with...

This really good looking resource comes again from ZippyPixels and it’s a magazine mockup with square dimensions. The realistic feel of this mockup can give you a big plus on your next graphic design presentation, which isn’t necessary to be a...

The soft drink can mockup is a great resource for beverages graphic design projects. It works well with a variety of beverages, not only soft drinks. The can looks like a 355ml (or 0,33 ml in some regions) which is a...

This is a remarkable new mockup that was recently released by ZippyPixels, and it’s really impressive. It’s a shopping bag mockup with an extremely realistic feel, great details and amazing flexibility. By that I mean that you can change important elements...

A new release from ZippyPixels, a mockup of business cards that are randomly arranged in visual. It’s another great tool for creating a proper presentation for your current projects. Works with pretty much any type of branding projects, you can easily...

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