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Time for a new freebie! Take a look at this handwritten font that I just made for you guys, which can be used for logo design, presentations, headlines. Works great with taglines and with any playful design you might be working on. The idea behind the font was to keep it as authentic as possible, with all of its imperfections! You can see its rough and sloppy (living up to its name), which makes it look real and familiar.

The whole font was handwritten by myself using a Wacom Intuos Pro S tablet, Illustrator and Fontself.

PLUS, the font is FREE for personal AND commercial use! That means you can use it on your personal projects as well as on your clients projects!

Details and Specifications

Price: FREE
License: Free for Personal and Commercial Use
File Type: OTF
File Size: 36 KB

[emaillocker id=284] [/emaillocker]

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