The Royal Branding Package

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It’s my great pleasure to present to you my latest premium product called “The Royal Branding Package“. As the name said, this product contains graphics that will help you create royally styled brands and presentations. The royal branding package contains the following:

  • 27 Patterns for both Illustrator and Photoshop
  • 9 High Quality Logo Templates
  • 22 Vector Crowns

The 27 Royal Branding Patterns

There are 3 different patterns, each coming with 9 styling options. These can basically work on everything you’d like. You can use it as a pattern for a apparel article, for the back of a business card, a pillow cover (like show in our presentation), as a wallpaper or as anything you can think of.

The 9 styles available for each type of patterns are:

  • Black crowns with transparent background
  • Gold crowns with transparent background
  • Gold crowns on a blueish background
  • White crowns on a black background
  • White crowns with a 50% opacity on a blue background
  • White crowns with a 50% opacity on a yellow background
  • Gold crowns on black background
  • White crowns on yellow background
  • Yellow crowns on transparent background

All of the 27 patterns come as two files: one in .AI for Adobe Illustrator and one .PAT for Adobe Photoshop.

The 9 Royal Logo Templates

In this pack you can also find 9 unique logo templates that are based on the vector crowns also available in this pack. All fonts used in this pack are free and links towards each one are available inside the pack! Logos come as vectors, available in AI, EPS and PDF files. Fully editable, texts haven’t been outlined, which makes it really easy for you to change it with your own.

The 22 Vector Crowns

These are based on an old product of mine, which has now been deleted, which provided 22 vector crowns for you to use on your own projects. Files come as AI, EPS and PDF.

THAT’S IT! Thank you for taking the time to check out the product!

PS: If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a message!


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